As I write this, we are all living and working in a way none of us could have anticipated just 3 months ago.  For all of us it has been disruptive.  But for many, the surprise has been just how much digital ways of working have helped – and how quickly and effectively they have been adopted.

There can be little doubt that as restrictions lift, we will discover a “new norm”.  Quite what that will be is still very much a matter of conjecture, but one can only hope that we won’t forget some of the benefits that have emerged from staying at home, whilst not forgetting the hardship and suffering that has been endured.

For the UK BIM Alliance, the message we are consistently hearing is that we need to keep up momentum, extend our reach far and wide across the built environment, and help elevate understanding of managing information with the end in mind.   Our focus continues to be on Engagement and on Implementation.  Key highlights have been the launch of the UK BIM Framework in the autumn 2019 along with BSI and CDBB, and the comprehensive development of the Guidance, which has been such a herculean task with involvement of many volunteers.

I can’t thank enough all the people who have been leaning in to help these endeavours:

  • the Exec who work in the background to keep the wheels of the Alliance turning;
  • the Communities Leads who are continually challenging and exploring how to reach out to a much wider and vibrant network;
  • the Patrons, Sponsors and Affiliates who help us deliver on our mission;
  • the many people who have been contributing to development of the Guidance;
  • the many people who have provided feedback and challenge – with positive suggestions for improvement.

Thank you.

How ever your lives evolve as we move forward now, I hope you are able to:



Download the UKBIMA Annual Report 2019

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