The role of UK BIM Alliance Ambassador is to positively promote the UK BIM Alliance, its strategic aim, and activities. 

Equally, the role is to deliver a compelling story around implementation of BIM as the fundamental step towards digital transformation and the benefits to the built environment, clients and end users.

Dan Rossiter


“As a construction professional who believes in the potential benefits that digital transformation can provide the built environment, becoming an Ambassador of the UK BIM Alliance was the right thing. As an ambassador I hope to promote information management as a normal part of all projects as opposed to a specialism practiced by a few.”

Marzia Bolpagni


“The Alliance was formed to increase awareness and support the digital transformation of the Built Environment. This is an area that I am very passionate about and being an Ambassador means that I can promote the work of the Alliance where I am invited to deliver a keynote presentation at events. I am proud to be a part of this group of people who share the same passion.”

Vicki Reynolds

i3PT Certification

“Early in my career I could always rely on the UK BIM Alliance and its members to provide guidance and support. I have been inspired and impressed by their continuous drive to make BIM accessible, and to help the UK industry navigate and understand the applicable BIM Standards. Joining the alliance and being able to give some of my time and effort back now that I’m more experienced is the absolute least I could do. I’m very proud of the positive impact we are having on the industry.”

Rick Hartwig



Paul Wilkinson


“Being a BIM Ambassador is about giving something back. I have learned so much from hearing others talk about technology and about industry issues, it’s good to be helping make BIM business as usual. I use my industry network and my involvement in other industry initiatives to talk about BIM and digital transformation so that they are seen as integral to improving the built environment.”

David Philp

Construction Innovation Hub

“I am delighted to become a UK BIM Alliance ambassador helping cement the UK BIM Framework as a foundation and help industry further their journey towards digital transformation and manufacturing technologies.”

May Winfield


“The UK BIM Alliance is an invaluable and indispensable body to enable and encourage the industry in its BIM and digital information journey. I have been continuously inspired by the efforts of the Alliance in this area, and have had the privilege of seeing this at work first hand via my involvement in some of their projects and my role as chair of BIM4Legal. I have spent more than half my career involved in BIM and it is a privilege to be an Ambassador to have the opportunity to further promote the work of the Alliance – including to the legal profession who have an important role in ensuring the successful, dispute-free implementation of BIM.”

Patricia Massey


“As an Alliance Ambassador I am proud to encourage cross industry sector collaboration, raise community engagement and increase collective construction digital progression. Let us learn from each other, share, support and face the future built environment challenges together.”

Emma Hooper

Bond Bryan Digital

“To me the UK BIM Alliance symbolises change and a new era of construction. Volunteers from all areas of the industry are joining together, sharing knowledge and working incredibly hard, all for one purpose – to drive the industry forward for its survival. Being an ambassador for the UK BIM Alliance is incredibly important to me as I’m not just helping to drive this change but I have the opportunity to promote it to a wider audience helping to transform mindsets and educate people across all sectors of the industry. This change won’t happen unless we’re all in it together.”

John Eynon

Open Water Consulting

“I am an Ambassador, because I remain as captivated as ever by the vision for a digitally transformed built environment industry. And I passionately believe that this goes way beyond the BIM agenda to envision an industry that is just, sustainable, safe, healthy, diverse, giving exciting opportunities for all, and providing the lasting legacy of a built environment that delivers inspirational living, working and recreation for our communities.”

Mark Enzer

CTO of Mott McaDonald and Head of the National Digital Twin Programme (NDTp) at CDBB

“The UK BIM Framework is an essential foundation for the work of the National Digital Twin programme, so it makes perfect sense to promote the great work of the UK BIM Alliance.”

Louise Kelly



Andrew Gamblen

Wilmott Dixon

“The Alliance has an integral part to play with the digital transformation of construction over the coming years, and the work that they have done to make BIM and the standards accessible, easy to understand, and to address industry concerns is incredible. I am very proud to be part of a group of such talented people that all share a common goal and passion for promoting BIM and digital construction.”

Ray Purvis


“I am incredibly proud to be part of such a talented group of people to become an UK BIM Alliance Ambassador.  The UK BIM Alliance demonstrates to me the right collaborative behaviours in its drive to help the industry on its digital transformation journey.  I hope to promote the great work undertaken but the Alliance and continue to support the UK BIM Framework and associated standards that in turn provide the foundations for digital transformation through better information management.”

David Churcher

Hitherwood Consulting

“The UK BIM Alliance is exactly the kind of industry-led best practice initiative that I have been working with and supporting for nearly 30 years. Bridging across the segments of our industry and developing consensus around the best way of implementing new ideas is vital for the broad industry improvement that we all need to make happen – particularly around the topic of information management. I am delighted to be able to spread the positive messages around the UK BIM Framework and the work of the Alliance as a UK BIM Alliance Ambassador.”

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