In a bid to share asset management knowledge, best practice and generating awareness of the benefits of asset management the UK BIM Alliance is delighted to announce a formal affiliation with the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

Graeme Bruce, Chair IAM UK Chapter, said: “Digital transformation is a key aspect of the journey to build an effective and forward thinking approach to asset management.  We are very pleased to join the affiliates programme.  It’s a great opportunity to be part of the growing community across many industry sectors and organisations that are using BIM to maximise value from the built environment and to coordinate our approach to identifying and achieving best practice.

John Adams, UK BIM Alliance Affiliates Leadership Team, said: “We are delighted that The IAM is joining the affiliates programme as some of the most powerful benefits of adopting BIM and digital processes are only realised when the whole asset lifecycle is understood”.  John continues “through the UK BIM Alliance there is a real opportunity to align the IAM vision of promoting a considered approach to achieving long-term value from physical assets, with the concepts and standards of the UK BIM Framework to deliver meaningful support for those looking to digitise their asset management processes.  We are also excited to bring this key voice into our working groups and projects to ensure lifecycle values are highlighted in our continued efforts to digitally transform the built environment.”

The Affiliate programme aims to bring together the professional institutions, trade associations and any other industry organisations to provide a consistent message and coordinated approach to digital transformation, working across silos to a shared objective.

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