Fiona Moore has agreed to take on a unique role as part of the UK BIM Alliance Executive Team.

Alongside supporting the work of the Chair and Vice Chair, Fiona will be responsible for ensuring the projects that the Alliance undertake meet our strategic aims, however they evolve.

Being the connection between the Chair and the Non Executive Directors Fiona will also help maintain definition and applicability of the Alliance.

Fiona Moore “As someone who is very keen to see the significant social, economic and environmental value digital transformation in the construction industry will unlock, over the past decade I have been eager to play my part. As an individual my contribution is insignificant, but as part of a dedicated team, my contribution is much greater. With the UK BIM Alliance, I’m joining a group of knowledgeable, committed and capable people who make a real difference, in that they give their time to help the construction industry advance its digital transformation and realise the resultant value, and I can’t wait to do what I can to help.”

About Fiona Moore
With a strong track record of providing Information Management consultancy to UK Construction client and supplier organisations, amongst other consultancy contracts, Fiona currently oversees the technical delivery of the Government & Industry Interoperability Group (GIIG). The GIIG focuses on solving the practical implementation of interoperability, namely ‘the ability of two or more systems to exchange information and to use the information that has been exchanged’, without which the value of BIM / Information Management cannot be realised.

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