The aim of this report is not to set out or repeat discussions on the appropriate BIM contractual framework or provide a detailed analysis of this standard form contracts, which have already been canvassed comprehensively elsewhere.  Rather, the aim of this report is to consider the present understand of BIM legal and contractual issues among the legal community and those who instruct them.

Further, it is intended to fill the existing and significant gap for a digestible-but-comprehensive ‘state of the nation’ review, to assist the (new to BIM) legal community in the commencement of their journey of understanding the wider impact of BIM terms in both the
standard form contracts and BIM specific documents; the risks; the opportunities, and the support that can be offered by those in the legal community to their clients. To achieve this, in this report we assess the impact of the use of BIM levels of maturity, how these are defined and how this terminology is being used in the industry. We also look at some of the standards being used by the industry in delivering BIM, how these are perceived and how these are changing.

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