Since 2016 with the inception of the UK BIM Alliance, the upskilling stream has been working on what upskilling means in terms of competence and what competence means in terms of the digital transformation journey.

More recently two major failings were highlighted in the Dame Judith Hackett report ‘Building a Safer Future’ within the construction industry and those organisations responsible for ensuring the built environment if fit-for-purpose and safe:

  • A competence problem exists resulting from a complete lack of effective strategies for competence definition, development, management or assurance
  • A lack of clear and consistent information management strategies meant that the finding the right information to make timely decisions is often impossible. This was termed ‘the golden thread’.

This briefing paper is a precursor to a more detailed positioning paper that sets out the challenges the industry is facing with conclusions from the upskilling stream and a number of key projects proposed to address the challenge

Download the Upskilling Paper Here

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