The ICE supports its members throughout their careers, working to raise the profile of civil engineers, highlight their work and professionalism, and inspire the next generation. Working together, we will help realise shared objectives around the digital transformation of the built environment.

Mark Hansford, ICE Director of Engineering Knowledge, said: “The digital transformation of the industry will change the skillsets required of civil engineers. The ICE is pleased to be working with digital experts in the UK BIM Alliance so that we can give our members the knowledge they need to make this transition and continue to design, build and create infrastructure that that meets future needs.”

Gary Morton, UK BIM Alliance Affiliate team “The UK BIM Alliance are pleased to welcome the ICE to the Affiliates programme, now more than ever digital and collaboration should become the backbone of the UK Construction industry. The ICE are one of the first professional engineering institutions to get on-board and we look forward to working with them.”

The Affiliate programme aims to bring together professional engineering institutions, trade associations and any other industry organisations to provide a consistent message and coordinated approach to digital transformation, working across silos to a shared objective.


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