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Professional Certification - Employers

So you want to be sure that your staff are well trained and can demonstrate it?

By supporting your staff in gaining their buildingSMART Professional Certification, it enables you to educate individuals according to a recognised global learning framework. Successful certification is proof of competence for professionals working with Information Management using BIM.

Qualified and Certified professionals can demonstrate that their knowledge is consistent with international standards and best practices.

To find out more about the international program please visit buildingSMART International’s website by clicking here.

The buildingSMART UK & Ireland programme has the following objectives:

1. To support the standardisation of openBIM training content;
2. To support the standardisation of UK BIM Framework training content
3. Enable the approval of training organisations
4. Enable the testing and qualification of individuals (who have undertaken the approved training)

It’s important to note that buildingSMART UK & Ireland do NOT deliver the training itself.

Please click below to find a list of Approved Training Providers: